May you walk in the presence of angels - Annie Jameson
Annie Jameson - author of The Light of Chilao and creator of inspirational angel wisdom cards

About Annie

Annie Jameson is a Sound Healer, Crystal Bowl Master and Angel Intuitive. Since 1991 Annie has been receiving conscious guidance from the angelic and higher spiritual realms and has a deep desire to serve humanity with the wisdom she receives. This comes through her writing and in giving angel readings, where she helps people see their lives from a higher spiritual perspective, giving them insight into how to move forward in a positive way.

Annie is the author of two books: ‘The Light of Chilao – Messages from Heaven’ and A Small Book of Universal Wisdom’; inspirational cards: ‘Insights from Heaven’; and CDs:Enriching the Soul’, ‘A Divine Embrace with your Guardian Angel’ and ‘Harmonies for the Soul’.

Sound healing is Annie’s love and passion. Through playing her alchemy crystal singing bowls she intuitively weaves sacred sound, blending the exquisite tones to create a space for healing. The pure resonant tones of the bowls expand consciousness and enhance the ability of the body to heal itself. The crystal vibrations are deeply relaxing, allowing the heart and mind to become one. Annie works with individuals or groups.

Born in England and trained in Ceramics, Art and Design (Dip.3D Design, P.G. Dip. A.D.) and as a Sound Healer (Healing Sounds U.S.A), Annie spent nearly 10 years teaching and working in a variety of fields within the Arts. From 1991 she was guided to totally immerse herself in her spiritual journey. She lives in New Zealand with her husband and two sons.

Inspirational angel cards - an invitation for personal growth

When you pick a card for the day sit for awhile using the inspirational words as a way to connect with your heart, allowing the true meaning to filter into your consciousness. Taking time to do this will help you gain a deeper level of understanding.

Use the cards as an opportunity to gain some insight into the 'bigger picture' of each situation you face. As you learn to do this, instead of reacting automatically, you can consciously choose how to respond to each situation to achieve the best outcome for you and everyone involved.